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Training Courses

Introduction to Oil and Gas

Get a thorough understanding of the oil and gas industry. What is the process and what equipment is used, from shooting seismic, drilling, production to decommission. Get to know about the hundreds of companies and organisation that services the industry…

Introduction to Drilling

This introduction course provides new drilling employees with a thorough understanding of the industry and deep dives into the upstream side. It covers everything from well design to operation. The organisation with people and roles involved and the equipment and services used are covered as well…

Drilling Technology I

This course is intended for individuals who will be working closely with the operations departments within their companies.  This course will give participants a complete understanding of the processes involved in drilling of oil and gas wells…

Introduction to Deepwater Drilling

This introduction course provides an overall awareness of deep-water wells at a foundation level, including the deep-water geological environment, metocean setting, well design concerns, rig selection, and an overview of well drilling operations in deep water…

Deepwater Drilling Operation I

This course is intended for individuals who will be working closely with the operations departments within their companies drilling in deep water. The course will cover all aspects, from planning a typical deep water well to selecting and operating a deepwater rig…

Stuck Pipe Prevention

The Stuck Pipe Prevention training course will provide the participant with knowledge of the various sticking mechanisms and root causes for stuck pipe as well as how to prevent ending up in a stuck situation…

Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) – Facilitator Training

Learn how to design and facilitate a high-yielding DWOP to ensure a smooth, efficient and safe operation. Setting up the venue, avoiding typical pitfalls, and building a One-Team mindset will also be covered…

After Action Review (AAR) – Facilitator Training

Learn how to facilitate a high-yielding AAR, ensuring the identification of all relevant lessons learned, thus ensuring smooth, efficient and safe operations…

Bespoken training

Our bespoke service is a cost-effective and convenient solution designed to meet your specific training needs. From the start, we work closely with you to clarify your learning objectives, scrutinise the detail of the course content and explore options to adapt it using your own context, case studies or documents.


Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) – Planning and Facilitation

Drillconsult’s Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) is a highly effective tool for optimising operations. By bringing experts and stakeholders with hundreds of years of experience together, the DWOP creates a space for thinking outside the box, focusing on ‘what ifs’ and identifying risks and opportunities in a unique collaborative atmosphere. The DWOP is also a powerful tool for building a One-Team mindset…

After Action Review (AAR) – Planning and Facilitation

Drillconsult’s AAR is a unique tool to analyse an operation and learn all the lessons it can teach. Our AAR can be used to improve performance and safety on an ongoing drilling campaign or at the end of the campaign to capture learnings and define actions for future use…

Risk Assessment (Hazid) – Planning and Facilitation

Drillconsult’s Risk Assessment (Hazid) is a general risk analysis workshop designed to identify potential threats and hazards during the planning phase as well as possible mitigating actions. The identified threats and hazards are classified on their probability of occurrence and the severity of the consequences…

Macondo Accident – How Can We Learn From It

The Deepwater Horizon Macondo accident is used as a case story to kick off the workshop. With the root causes in mind, we will look to find and identify similar root causes or challenges at your organisation. These will be discussed and addressed with mitigating actions…

Knowledge Management Specialist

Knowledge Management is a multidisciplinary discipline that aims to capture and share knowledge within the organisation or across organisations. The goal is to capture and preserve organisational knowledge so the organisation(s) can make good use of it, optimising upcoming operations and processes. Knowledge Management is about making the right knowledge available to the right people at the right time…

Project  – Leader/Manager/Supervisor

Projects are, by definition, full of changes, regardless of size or location. Project leadership is the art and science of steering a team towards the successful delivery of a project safely and efficiently. It ensures that together, the team accomplishes more than they could as individuals because project leadership brings people together to achieve a common goal, building a One-Team mindset…

Why Drillconsult

Experience and Strong Training Skills

More than 30 years of worldwide hands-on industry experience, from complex ultra deep water operations to land operation in urban areas, this combined with an engineering background, ensures a thorough understanding of the industry.

Strong training and communication skills, ensure that the knowledge obtained by the participants can easily be translated into impactful actions.

Tailored Training

All sessions are customized to reflect your company profile and meet the needs and level of the individual participants, in order to ensure maximum optimum output and highest possible retention rate.

1-Click "All Inclusive" Booking

The “all-inclusive” booking concept saves you time and resources. Just provide us with the preferred location and date, and we will handle everything else, from invitations, venue, catering, and hotel rooms, to event close-out and follow-up.

At not extra cost.

Carbon Neutral and Climate Positive

Drillconsult and all our partners are 100% carbon neutral, which allows us to deliver 100% carbon neutral meetings and training sessions, and at no extra cost to you.

Our Training Philosophy

Our main objective is to provide the right knowledge with the highest possible retention rate. This will allow the participant to plan and execute work in a more structured and safe manner, giving a more efficient working day and being established as a valuable team player.

  • Adaptive learning is one of the cornerstones where we customise the learning experiences to address the unique needs, skills and knowledge of each participant rather than providing a one-size-fits-all learning experience.
  • The VARK model is embedded in all our training courses, as individuals absorb and communicate information differently. Multimodal learning is used where we blend the Visual, Auditory, Reading / Writing and Kinesthetic learning styles.
  • Continuous involvement and open dialogues through presentations, discussion, reflection and group work with case stories.  For “Foundation” and “Skill” level training courses gamification, is used throughout the entire course to improve learning outcomes, engagement and retention further.
  • Pre and post-tests are conducted at “Foundation” and “Skill” level training courses to establish the level of knowledge and subsequent improvement in same. Certificates are provided after each training course.

No two training courses are the same because we tailor our training courses to our customers and participants, but also because driving a continuous improvement process that ensures our training courses are updated with the latest knowledge.

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