About Soren Weiss Hartmann

With over three decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, Soren possess an in-depth understanding of the field, garnered through my work as a Senior Drilling Supervisor. My experience extends to a wide range of operations, from deep-water to ERD urban land, across the globe. Additionally, my tenure working for both drilling contractors and subcontractors has given me a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

For over two decades, Soren has been instrumental in developing and delivering drilling-focused courses and optimization workshops to operators and contractors worldwide, including at leading training centres and the Technical University of Denmark. These programs, covering topics such as Deep-Water Drilling, Drilling Technology, Stuck Pipe Prevention, DWOP, and AAR, consistently receive high scores of 95% or above.

As an individual, Soren isdriven by a passion for solving complex business challenges through strategic thinking and an analytical approach. Soren is motivated to make things happen and bring my ideas to fruition. Soren possess strong interpersonal skills, built on a foundation of ethics, integrity, and authenticity. My leadership style is cantered on growth and collaboration, and Soren has a proven track record of leading high-performing teams with a One-Team mindset.

Soren holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark, an extension in Drilling from the University of Texas at Austin, and am a certified Lean & Sigma Six Black Belt. My involvement as a board member of the Danish Society of Engineers Business & Leadership and the Society of Petroleum Engineers further strengthens my background in delivering training programs.